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CNY 2016 Game
How to play: Locate 4 Characters to form a designated CNY Greeting
Where are the clues: On Facebook (FPS PPC Parents), on PPC Website ( and on PPC Notice Board
How to win: Child approach our ‘Special Mascot’ and present the CNY Greeting
Who can win: Two Students per Level per Day


Feb 1st clue on PPC Website (

C 4

(Refer to Feb 1st board: Locate the Chinese character on Column C and Row 4)

**Other clue available on Facebook (FPS PPC Parents) and PPC Noticeboard (school canteen)**

Clues for all four days on PPC Website (


Feb 1st

Feb 2nd

Feb 3rd

Feb 4th


C 4

D 3

B 3

D 4