P1 – Learning Journey to Singapore River Safari


Yesterday, 22/4/2014, was my first ever trip to River Safari as a
Parent volunteer in this learning journey. As for me, i have to assist
the teachers in class 1Care. Around 7.30am, we had a quick briefing by
Mrs Tan and she gave us some snacks to bring along with us. We were
told that some classes gets to eat inside KFC and some outside. As for
me, I got to sit outside, so the snack given was good enough for me
throughout the journey.
The journey there was smooth, and when we reached there we were
introduced to the teachers and pupils from Pacific Hills Christian
School, Australia. They were super friendly, they gave souvenirs to
the kids. I felt that I should be informed about this, so I can also
bring some souvenirs for them.

20140422_100054-1Getting to see Lovely Kai Kai was my best moment.. Jia Jia has a very
shy personality so we didn’t get to see much of her.

During break time, i assisted in distributing drinks and I assisted the children disposed or keep their food properly. At the same time some of them, took out their stationeries, and I assisted in keeping their stationeries, as not to be late for the boat ride..

The 10mins boat ride was fun. Some kids were too afraid that they
decided not to ride and the last minute. some are afraid at first, but
when on the boat they were not afraid anymore..


As a parent helper I enjoyed looking at all the kids and behaviours. They are all intelligent and most of all they enjoyed themselves very much. I will looked forward for another learning journey, but at the same time will give way to those who haven’t been selected before.

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20140422_112627 20140422_112612
20140422_121530 20140422_121523
20140422_115431 20140422_094513-m

Written by : PPC Member – Suzana Edros

(Parent of Sayed Haris – P3 Innovation & Sharifah Nadya – P1 Resilience)


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