Official School Opening Ceremony 2014


The familiar drumming sound welcomed us as we approached the practice area near HDB near Blk663/664

As usual, we did a last minute decision to perform for the school again.
The team felt being the PPCC (parent partner community committee) of the school, we should lead and invite parents to join us to celebrate the official opening of the school.
After some discussion, we decided to try the stomp drumming!
It was something new to all to most of us, though we are worried about performance as we do not have much time left , but we are determined to continue 🙂

We have quite a number of practices, some of our night practice were in one of HDB’s multiple purpose compound and weekend day practices would be in the school’s canteen. Those night practice was usually a rush for us, rushing from work, rushing from titution classes etc.
We would gathered around and our “M” coach will teach us the drumming rhythms.
Drumming session had also turn into the bonding time ! The parents were busying discussing and chatting while the kids also has became closer as they played ,
chased one another around the garden.


The first few practices we were all trying to get into the drumming rhythm.
Slowly we move on to more variation, where we break into 2 groups, playing in different beats. Beside the drumming, we talk about how will create the “opening” for our performance, our standing position ourselves on stage,
how to decorate our “drum” , what clothing we should wear, etc.

On the School official Opening Ceremony day, our little princess (Jo’s daughter) bounce the ball across the stage and stop midway to give a
a sweet smile to the audience
Looking at her, I was thinking , how could we nervous, the little girl has started the show for us by herself and we have to march out and finish up the performance beautifully!


The performance is great ! Each of us did our very best and we deserved the applause from the audience !!!

Exclusive write up by one of our PPC Committee member

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