Sports Day 2014!

14th March 2014

Its another happy day for the children at School today because it is Sports Day! It’s the 3rd Sports day of FPS, to be exact.  The weather is nice and the event went on smoothly.

Many parents volunteered to help out at the event.  Some of them participated in the Parent and child competition making it extra special for their children.

Are you ready? Get set, ready, here we go!


DSC_0372    IMG_0358a


Primary 3s

The P3 children have grown to be  more confident and could play more challening games. This year they played Captain Ball. They were taught techniques and the rules of the game. The children had learnt that friendship always comes first and competition comes second. This is what we called “Sportmanship”. P3 Confidence had done up a banner to support their class. They cheered “Confidence! Confidence!”. There were cheering everywhere… “Quick pass the ball!”, “Hurray! We won!”, “Throw higher!”, “Quick! Time is running out!”.

We could feel the excitement in every corner of the Indoor Sports Hall. After each game, the children were excited to know how many points their class had scored. They would gather around the scoring board to check out the points scored by their class.

After the inter-class competition, the parent and child competition began.There were indeed many sporty and supportive parents.  Now it is time for the parent and child to play together as a team.  Each team consist 2 parents and 2 children. We are sure that the parents will agree that it was fun and challenging for them too!

IMG_0372a         IMG_0402a
IMG_0419a          IMG_0428a
IMG_0437a IMG_0438aIMG_0453aIMG_0461aIMG_0473aIMG_0477a

Primary 2s

The P2s were led into the field with lots of colourful balls and bats. There were many big brothers and sisters in the field too. Oh.. the P2s are going learn the basic techniques of Tee ball… the fun way!  After some warming up and stretching they are ready to start.   Swing-it! Catch-it! RUN! Endless play with no pressure. The instructors were great and friendly. Thumbs up, guys!

When its time for the inter-class competition, things were a little bit different. The children were all set to win! They cheered and roared as their friends were racing down the Parade Square, jumping over hurdles and crawling over the mats.

The Parent and child competition were not for the faint-hearted. Just kidding! There were only three teams so everyone got a prize!

IMG_3329 IMG_3342 copy IMG_3355 copy IMG_3361 copy IMG_3364 copy IMG_3379 copy IMG_3380 copy IMG_3398 copy IMG_3400 copy IMG_3410 copy IMG_3427 copy IMG_3430 copy IMG_3438 copy IMG_3440 copy IMG_3447 copy IMG_3451 copy IMG_3456 copy IMG_3459 copy IMG_3472 copy IMG_3500 copy IMG_3518 copy IMG_3522 copy IMG_3525 copy IMG_3537 copy IMG_3553 copy IMG_3575 copy IMG_3583 copy IMG_3584 copy IMG_3595 copy IMG_3634 copy IMG_3661 copy IMG_3703 copy

IMG_3705 copyIMG_3715 copyIMG_3721 copyIMG_3725 copy

IMG_3726 copyIMG_3728 copyIMG_3732 copy

IMG_3741 copy

 Primary 1s

P1s started their Sport day with a relay competition in the Parade Square.  They were so excited! Each class had their own support group whom cheered till their voice went hoarse. The Parent and child competition began right after. It was some simple hood-la-hood and ball activites but an excellent bonding time for the participants.

Next, the children tried out gymnastics. They had fun while mastering all their courage to try out some of the activites.  Great job!

DSC_0338a DSC_0338a DSC_0588a DSC_0603a DSC_0610a DSC_0615a DSC_0625a DSC_0645a DSC_0648a DSC_0663a DSC_0679a DSC_0723         DSC_0723 DSC_0735a DSC_0766 DSC_0771a DSC_0414a          DSC_0417a


DSC_0428a        DSC_0358a


Prize Presentation

Everyone is a winner as long as they participated today. After the presentation of the trophies and medals by the Principle and Vice Principle, the school ended the Sports Day with three cheers of “HIP HIP HURRAY!”.

Now… let the School holiday begin!

IMG_3776 copy IMG_3771 copy DSC_0908
DSC_0891 DSC_0829 DSC_0826


IMG_3802 copy          IMG_3792 copy

DSC_0951a DSC_0943a IMG_0773 DSC_0951a DSC_0943a DSC_0951a DSC_0943a





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